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"Your potential isn't something unreachable, it's something waiting to be explored"


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The Soccer & Performance Academy pays special attention to the individual. We understand that each player requires a personal approach to grow. Our methodology addresses skills across all areas of soccer: technical, tactical, physical, skills, nutrition and mindset. We actively apply data to empower both players and coaches to self-regulate their development beyond the programs they followed within the academy. Children are challenged to not only become a better player but more complete as a person, successful in society and a lifetime member of the SPA Family.

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"Our priority is to develop players to their maximum potential."

Everything starts with having a dream. Regardless of your background, where you come from or what your talents are this can be the same dream. Globally soccer is a well known and much played sport. It is then no surprise that many children dream of becoming a professional soccer player when they grow up. To achieve this dream players need to be committed to training frequently and having the right mindset. Unfortunately, these conditions are not always reachable for everybody.

The Soccer & Performance Academy aims to help all children that want to achieve something with soccer. Everyone, from street players to professionals can profit from further development and learn from each other. The Soccer & Performance Academy offers a range of programs, each with its own purpose and target group. The programs are structured in such a way that players can progress to a more advanced program based on their development. The ultimate objective for each player is to reach their maximum potential. The Soccer & Performance Academy inspires, creates and develops players across the world. The Soccer & Performance Academy connects. 

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"Train like a Pro, feel like a Pro!"

The Academy clothing is worn by all players within the programs. If you train as a professional, you also have to feel that way. Not only the appearance is Elite, but also the comfort ensures that players can move optimally during their training sessions.

There are two different versions of the outfit; white and black. The exclusive white kit is specially designed for the World Elite program. The black kit is worn by players from all other programs. However, we think it is important that players who aren't part of the Academy can wear the shirt with pride as well. That's why the black SPA uniform is available for everyone!

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We are convinced that the quality of education contributes to the positive development of children. And where children experience more quality, they will also improve in performance. Contributing to a better quality of life is thus our focus. Soccer & Performance Academy is an expert in Quality Education. What makes our organization successful is that we focus on our services by continuing to develop in the necessary facets and start strategic partnerships.




An important aspect of becoming a good footballer is optimizing your performance. This includes all the physical of you as a player. A part functional performance is given on the field on location and every week every player receives an extra performance incentive at PhysioLab in Amsterdam.

PhysioLab is a physiotherapy practice that offers performance training in addition to physiotherapy. As an athlete you always want to improve. Whether you want to be able to sprint faster, to be able to jump higher or to be more agile and explosive. But also if you always want to achieve 90% to 100% of your skills or improve your focus during competitions and training sessions; PhysioLab can help you.




Most young players today are being developed within structured environments. The overly structured and highly competitive environment often doesn’t allow players to explore what they can do with the soccer ball. We bring the game back to when players learned on their own, in environments such as the street, the park, or at school. Environments which allowed players to make mistakes, stretch themselves beyond their limits and have the freedom to try new things.

Streetkings wants to develop a culture in which the players can identify themselves. The Influencers need to create an ‘own’ Streetkings lifestyle, where players want to be associated with worldwide. This will be achieved by the academy, events and concepts.




Behavior is everything, both in football and in private life, behavior largely determines success. Q4 Profiles is specialist in behavioral analysis. Q4 Profiles increases insight and mental resistance of players in and around the field. Within the sports world, much attention is paid to technique, tactics and physical activity. We think that mindset should also be involved in development. Q4 Profiles offers products and resources that helps train more efficiently and effectively with talents.

Q4 Profiles mission is to create awareness within the sports world, stimulating personal development of talents in a manner that appeals to them, leading to better performance at individual and team level and, of course, more fun on the sports field.


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where are we?

The Soccer & Performance Academy operates all around the world through our World Elite Program. Our other development programs are only available at our location in Hilversum, the Netherlands. You can sign up for those programs at any time via the submission forms.


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For questions you can always contact us by using this form or you can reach us via WhatsApp and email.

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