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We are able to provide you with professional and comprehensive expertise across various fields of football, wherever you need it and whenever you need it. Because of our global presence, we give you access to our world class global network, to find tailored solutions for your sports related needs. We provide consultancy on player- and club representation, the sale- and acquisition of football clubs, image rights, scouting activities, player investments, and more. 

Let it be clear, we are no (player) agents, but we want to contribute to the further professionalization of football by sharing knowledge and bringing institutions, governments, businesses and football organizations at national level and international level together. Thus we offer our expertise in various ways.


Football is constantly changing and to make sure you're on your way down the preferred career path, it's a good idea to take the advice or an example of success stories that went before you. If someone has already been where you are, and telling you the best shortcuts to take, why not listen? Our friends of the World Elite compiled some of the best career advice from their games, trainings, football and life in general, which they shared with us.


Our experts in the Soccer & Performance Academy have been active in youth football for many years. Plans are available for the design and implementation of a structured youth academy at the highest level, as well as the football (technical) vision of youth football training. Due to our international character the Soccer & Performance Academy can advice interested parties on what it takes to develop the foundation of an Academy both domestically and internationally, taking full advantage of our global football network.

Whether your football organization is a club, academy, or a governing body, Soccer & Performance Academy is there to assemble client-focused assessments which outline and consider organizational performance, operational effectiveness, and player. With soccer becoming more demanding as ever before, individuals, teams, clubs and academies are always looking for a competitive advantage. We can help you gain these advantages coming through training sessions or sheer development set-up.



Based on our methodology we have established several programs focussed on supporting the player, coaches and clubs, these programs are discussed in more detail in our services catalog. Our goal is to establish and support a global football platform through which all players with a dream can discover their true potential.

To make a franchise fit into our vision, we need to establish and support a global soccer platform based on the methodology of the Soccer & Performance Academy, we need to partner internationally. We are highly dependent on finding the right international candidates that share our goals and bring valuable local insights and experience to the table. Such partnerships strengthen the collective knowledge of the Academy and ultimately enables us to add even more value to our players.


There is the possibility for parents to attend a seminar. This seminar goes into depth in terms of communicating with your child on various subjects in football or life in general. We also offer general advisory services to a group of individual players and football organizations on the challenges of the football industry. Players are provided with advice on: College/University Preparation, Academic or Agent Guidance, Technical-, Tactical-, Physical-, Mental-, Skills- and Nutrition aspects.