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what do we offer?

"Our priority is to develop players to their maximum potential."

Everything starts with having a dream. Regardless of your background, where you come from or what your talents are this can be the same dream. Globally soccer is a well known and much played sport. It is then no surprise that many children dream of becoming a professional soccer player when they grow up. To achieve this dream players need to be committed to training frequently and having the right mindset. Unfortunately, these conditions are not always reachable for everybody.

The Soccer & Performance Academy aims to help all children that want to achieve something with soccer. Everyone, from street players to professionals can profit from further development and learn from each other. The Soccer & Performance Academy offers a range of programs, each with its own purpose and target group. The programs are structured in such a way that players can progress to a more advanced program based on their development. The ultimate objective for each player is to reach their maximum potential. The Soccer & Performance Academy inspires, creates and develops players across the world. The Soccer & Performance Academy connects. 

what do you choose?

The Soccer & Performance Academy offers six different programs for players between 8 and 18 years and for coaches (in the making). Each program has its own goals and its own target group. Click on the program of your choice to get more information and to sign up.



For players who just started playing soccer and for those who want to improve their basic skills we offer Becoming Better. It is all about improving your technical soccer skills within a period of a year. This program will be held in groups of 12 players per training.


This program offers players the opportunity to train at a professional level. They will be monitored via our SPA Test every three months. The training is on individual basis and focuses on reaching your technical, physical, tactical and mental goals.


Do you want to.......broaden your horizon? Experience an unforgettable time? Have a step ahead of many others on both your CV and your personal development?


The best learn from the best in our exclusive World Elite program. Twice a year we take a group of young professional players on a exhibition overseas where they will train with locals, play games, learn about a new culture and extend their horizons.


for coaches


In this 3 month program we offer all soccer coaches the opportunity to develop themselves by applying SPA methodology.


We are able to provide you with professional and comprehensive expertise across various fields in football, wherever you need it, whenever you need it.