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The Best learn from the Best.

As a player from a professional club, you will often meet peers of other nationalities only at tournaments or international competitions. During these meetings you always play against each other, but never together. The World Elite program wants to change this. This program selects the best youth players throughout Europe, to train together on the intercontinental trips, both summer and winter. In addition to developing their soccer skills, the players will extend their horizons by partaking and sharing in other cultures throughout this trip. The World Elite is there to facilitate their learning environment, from and with each other as a player, but also to grow from a youth player to the desired professional with a topsport mentality.

meet solomon.

- World Elite Player from AFC Ajax


Become World Elite

We are always looking for new talent! If you are signed to a professional football club you can sign up for future camps via the submission form below. For each camp we will make a selection of players three months prior. If you place your submission we will inform you about the selection procedure.