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Train like a professional.

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Many young soccer players dream of becoming a professional. To help achieve this dream players must show dedication to their training and start building their mental strength. They are going to breathe professional soccer! The Being a Pro program offers players the opportunity to train at a professional level and includes all aspects a pro is faced throughout their development. The training is on individual basis and focuses on six main facets: technical, physical, tactical, skills, nutrition and mental. In addition, following this program will make you a member of the SPA Family. The Soccer & Performance Academy organizes yearly activities for these members. These activities  are fully focused on experiencing life as a professional soccer player.

Players join the Soccer & Performance Academy for at least a year and are trained once per week by certified trainers and performance coaches. To provide an individual training players are tested on a quarterly basis and receive a personal development plan. These plans clearly reflect the strengths and weaknesses of each player and make the development transparent for both the trainer and player. Furthermore we believe that every aspect should be trained by a coach who has already mastered that skill. For example technique training will only be provided by top class coaches who've experience in professional soccer. Who can teach you better than someone that has experience on international level?

Our mission focuses on the individual and uses modern technology and quality to develop technical, tactical, physical and mindset skills which facilitates the growth of young (soccer) professionals.


"An athlete needs a certain combination of person-related and environmental characteristics to be successful”

- Elferink-Gemser et al


What do you get?

We actively apply data to empower both players and coaches to self-regulate their development. All the data necessary is collected via the SPA Test. This test evaluates both technical- and performance skills. It will tell us where you stand and it will give us a prediction of your potential. In order to grow towards your maximal potential, we make a full report every three months. Your development will be constantly monitored by SPA so we can always adapt the training sessions to what you really need. 



  • Private training sessions every Sunday on a professional level
  • Weekly training sessions at PhysioLab for performance & nutrition training
  • Once every three months you’ll be tested so we can measure your progression and adapt your training to your current level.
  • Full SPA Training kit
  • Price per month
  • Please note: you need to be resided in the Netherlands