In addition to the regular soccer clubs there are many soccer academies which young players can join. In general these soccer academies focus on maximizing the number of players which can be trained simultaneously, this leads to a large training with only a few coaches. The Soccer & Performance Academy differentiates itself by focusing on the individual. Within our program there is a strict maximum number of 10 players per coach. Furthermore, this program will have two areas to become a better soccer player; technical and physical. With this approach we believe players will be empowered to reach their maximum potential and become a better soccer player.

Players join the Soccer & Performance Academy for at least a year and are trained once per week by certified trainers and performance coaches. To provide an individual training players are tested on a quarterly basis and receive a personal development plan. These plans clearly reflect the strengths and weaknesses of each player and make the development transparent for both the trainer and player.

To join the Becoming Better program players must commit to at least 1 year of training and be between the age of 8 and 18 






To register for the Becoming Better program please leave your details below. The program is available at various locations.